Our Unique Approach


TCO Partners follows a proven four step program to optimize the value of IT Spend. We’ve done the research on the latest tools and process, saving you valuable time and money.

Four Steps to Value Optimization

Establish Cost Transparency

We enhance the flat general ledger cost data with operational information to bring more meaning to your current spend. We use the leading technology business management (TBM) tools, Apptio, so that you have the ability to benchmark your costs to peers in your industry.

Align the IT Roadmap with Company Objectives

Growing companies need to invest in new technology and often the current IT project list consumes all the available budget dollars. We’ve partnered with leading advisors such as Altman Vilandrie & Company and Karrikin’s Group who can help move you beyond the competition with strategic and cultural realignments while we ensure the supporting IT spending goes to the right projects.

Execute a Procurement Plan with Leading Certified Suppliers

We follow a technology selection process with complete business requirements, expert research, and streamlined Rfx vendor engagement. We use the leading technology selection management (TSM) tool, SelectHub, to give you the choice of good, better, and best fit suppliers to your requirements.

Evaluate Results of Solutions

To continuously improve the value of your IT spend, our team monitors the results of chosen suppliers with you as a trusted partner. In a competitive world, your company objectives and technology choices are not static, so naturally our engagement with your company is ongoing to ensure complete satisfaction.