Technology Solutions. Simplified.

We save our clients time and money. We are a solutions oriented consulting firm with deep expertise in process and analysis. With more than 20 years of leadership in technology, we are uniquely positioned to deliver quality solutions that fit your requirements while achieving total cost of ownership objectives. We offer a full range of technology consulting services, including technology selection and business management, cloud, colocation, security and conferencing.

Our teams use cutting edge tools to rapidly analyze and evaluate technology decisions. Our process accelerates the navigation of complex choices, engages a broad spectrum of vendors to provide quality options, and concludes with a customized solution that meets your long term needs.

At TCO Partners, we are committed to delivering solutions so you can innovate, run, and grow the business.

A Message From Jim

We created TCO Partners to bring efficiency to the traditional technology purchasing and management models. Facing a marketplace oversaturated with technology choices, companies often times defaulted to “safe” brand name even if it did not a match their requirements and cost more than other available and suitable options. Worse yet, we observed companies making technology purchases that were not fully implemented or lacked the up front decision diligence needed to ultimately meet the business case. A lot of time and money gone to waste!

At TCO Partners we call this realization our “why”. Our “why” is what drives the tremendous passion we bring everyday to clients, helping them optimize their technology investments while staying focused on their core company objectives that make them great!

– Jim Buie, Founder